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Edge 2- The World's First Adjustable Prostate Massager! It Will Hit YOUR Spot!

What's New?

App Vibration Control Opens Up a World of Possibilities!

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Discreet Public Play

Our smartphone app has features for everyone:

근거리 제어

장거리 제어

Sound Level Control

무제한 진동 패턴

음악에 동기화

Sound Activated Vibrations

진동 레벨 설정

Designed for Handsfree Stimulation!

Adjustable head ensures it hits the right spot for most men. The head stays put after adjusting. Dual, whisper-quiet vibrators for maximum pleasure. A combination of longer/thinner neck and enlarged bulb ensures better toy retention.

IPX7 Waterproof

1 - 1.7 Hours of Continuous Use

인체에 안전한 재료

블루투스 무선

쉽게 충전 가능

1년간 품질 보증

Extremely Powerful Vibrations

We make sure all of our toys have very powerful vibrations. Our Edge 2 prostate massager is no different. It has two powerful vibrators for you to enjoy!

Our free app gives you control over the entire range of power levels. Whether you crave light or strong vibes, you will always find your sweet spot.

Low Medium High
Most prostate massagers High-end prostate massagers Edge 2 By LOVENSE

Designed for Everyone - Comfortable
for Beginner or Advanced Users!

Supported by Multiple Platforms







호환 대상:

Edge 2 is a fully programmable remote control vibrator which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

프로그램 안정된 레벨 3개 최대 패턴 10개

App Screenshot:

(1/6) Tap and Slide Remote Control

360° Standing Range

Up to 20 ft / 6 m Unstable

360° Sitting Range

5-10 ft / 2-3 m

Internet Controlled

Any Distance


Edge was released in 2017 and was a revolutionary prostate massager - not only offering super-strong vibrations, but also a whisper-quiet experience. Moreover, it had dual vibrations that ensured strong sensations. The most important feature was its adjustability – a moveable head ensured it hit the right spot for most men. Last but not the least – the adjustable head stayed IN PLACE during use.

Edge 2

Edge 2 has quite a few tweaks to make it even more attractive than before. A magnetic charging port makes the charging process a smoother experience. The optimized layout and design of the antenna ensures a more stable connection. To further the advantages of the adjustable and insertable arm, we have updated Edge 2’s design by making a bigger bulb just above the neck; which provides more stability and even stronger P-Spot stimulation. The upgraded battery will allow users to enjoy prolonged, strongest level vibrations. You don’t want to miss out on this experience!


Edge 2

By Lovense


prostate massagers

Powerful Some
Quiet/discreet Some
Stable connection
Easy to use app
블루투스 무선 Some
Hits the right spot
Breaks easily
Easy long-distance use
Stays put Some
What's included:
  • (1) Bluetooth® Prostate Massager
  • (1) USB 충전 케이블
  • (1) 유저 매뉴얼
  • (1) 빠른 설정 가이드
  • (1) 보관 가방

다른 토이와 비교 >>

Such an amazing addition to the lineup. We/I have used lots of anal/prostate toys, most of which leave me very disappointed. Edge 2 however makes me crave anal play more.
Edge 2 User
Much better. Stronger and easier to control the different type of vibration.
Edge 2 User
I do not have the Edge 1. Compared to other similar toys: The Edge 2 is the best for comfort, stimulation, bluetooth connectivity and long lasting battery life. The online features available with the Edge 2 makes it just a fun experience. Yes, I would recommend the Edge 2 over all of my other experiences.
Edge 2 User
I prefer the version 2.0, I like the shape and style of the head more, for me it both fits better and is easier at initial entry.
Edge 2 User
Such an amazing addition to the lineup. We/I have used lots of anal/prostate toys, most of which leave me very disappointed. Edge 2 however makes me crave anal play more.
Edge 2 User

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