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Lovense Extension Installation Guide – Chrome

1. Download extension .zip file:



2. Once the download is complete, navigate to your Downloads folder, where you will find the .zip file containing the Lovense Extension. Right-click the folder and then click “Extract All…”.



3. Click on “Extract” and the file will be unzipped to the Downloads folder. Keep note of the name and location of the newly extracted folder. You will need to use it soon.



4. In Chrome Browser, click on the  icon near the top right. Go to “More tools”>”Extensions”. Alternatively, copy and paste “chrome://extensions” (without the quotes) into the URL bar and hit enter.



5. On the Extensions page, enable “Developer mode” first and then click on “Load unpacked”.



6. Navigate to the newly unzipped folder which you created in Step 3. Highlight the folder by using a single click and press “Select Folder”.



7. The Lovense Extension should now be shown in Chrome’s Extensions!



8. After installation, we recommend disabling developer mode.



For a better experience, we suggest you upgrade your browser or using other browser.

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