Lovense Remote
For remote use – Our main app connects wirelessly to all Lovense toys.
Main features: local control, long-distance control, in-app messaging, video chat, syncing to music, long-distance sex, syncing vibrations, creating/sharing patterns, and much more!
iPhone/iPad v3.7.7
Android v5.6.7
Mac v1.6.6
Windows PC v1.6.6
Lovense VibeMate
Our free, dedicated app for anyone who loves to stay up to date with their favorite audio/video content (including adult content).
Main features: ability to follow favorite models and get notified when they go online, feel same vibrations as the model with Lovense toys, tip and/or auto-tip, personalize your app's interface, and enjoy vibration patterns while exloring. More features to come!
iPhone/iPad v1.0.0
Android v1.0.0
Lovense Media Player
Our first Media Player that integrates touch, visual, and audio experience with any Lovense toy plus your VR headset.
Main features: easy set up and clean interface, play any 2D or VR locally-stored video, create custom vibration patterns for your toys that sync with your videos, share your patterns and browse/download ones uploaded by others.
Windows PC v1.1.2
If you are a cam model, click here for the setup process.
If you have any connection issues or feedback on our software, please contact us here.We would love to assist you or hear your feedback!
Lovense Gift